12 String Input Solar Combiner Box With Monitor

General Product Information:

Our company main products:Combiner box ( it have with monitor and without monitor,it is reduce connection between PV module and inverter).Simultaneous access to multiple photovoltaic arrays; each channel current up to 10A; to meet the needs of different users.*With reliable, lighting and surge protection, solar photovoltaic DC high voltage lighting protection device, all with positive doubt negative lightning protection function.*Wide range DC voltage input; DC high voltage circuit breaker with professional pressure range of 200~1000Vdc, safe and reliable.*6 groups can simultaneously access PV array.*The port has a water resistant.*DC with high voltage fuses and circuit breakers were two security devices.*Each array can be optional current monitoring on each channel of the current measurement and monitoring.*Wall structure with outdoor rain shell protection grade to IP65, to meet the application requirements for outdoor installation.*Installation and maintenance simple, convenient, long service life.


Industry:Abrasive Industry
Delivery Time:0000-00-00
Type:Selling Offer

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