750W solar well pump


General Product Information:

750W solar well pump is design for well, 750W solar well pump is consist of 750watt 380V three phase deep well pump,1000watt solar pump inverter, and 1150W solar panel, the head lift of 750W solar well pump can be reach 100meterss, and great for home special for the area, which is far from the power net, and the people have to use the diesel generator pump. Yaochuang Energy1,New type of solar power generator without battery2.don’t use the battery for whole system, which can decrease the cost of use and maintenance3.increase the efficiency of solar power generator, the efficiency can reach 98% up.4,use the MPPT technology, can adjust the power of pump according to the sunlight strength.solar water well pumps5.the working time can reach 7-10 hours (,the working time will be effective by radiation strength at local.


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