HT-SS-6030 30W Hitechled Smart All in One Integrated Solar Street/Garden Light lampu jalan LED All In One


General Product Information:

PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONThe 30 Watts LED Solar Street Light is an extremely versatile and robust solar parking lot light, it is perfect for all kind of weather conditions.Packed with 30pcs ultra-bright Bridgelux power LEDs generating upto 3600 lumens (equivalent of 400 watts electric lamp) you will never find yourself in the dark. This compact solar powered street light provides extra lighting easily in no time. Installation is straightforward; only 4 bolts need to be tightened onto a pole (pole not included). The unit can also be wall mounted. No trenching or connection to the electric grid is needed. The all-in-one LED solar street light is perfect for retrofitting old electric powered fixture or new installations.Built specially to easily adapt to an extensive range of applications, the all-in-one LED solar street lamp is suitable for use in private roads, industrial areas, squares, parks, parking lots, docks, schools, campuses, farms, villas, gardens, airfields, military base, camps and any places where bright, affordable and reliable lighting is required. The extremely compact, self-contained and lightweight design of this solar street lamp allows for easy and fast installation. With only serveral bolts to tighten, it can be affixed within minutes.Throughout the day the highly efficient solar panel gathers energy from the sun and feeds it to the built-in lithium battery pack. At dusk the LED solar street light automatically turns ON providing 8 hours of convenient high brightness illumination. When 8 hours laps, the LEDs switch OFF. They will switch back again to full power as soon as movement is detected underneath the infrared motion sensor. This smart feature allows for power saving resulting in extended run time. When fully charged, the built-in lithium battery provides backup power for up to 3-5 nights, which is extremely useful in case of persistent overcast weather.THESE LED SOLAR STREET LIGHTS ARE DESIGNED WITH LOW MAINTENANCE IN MINDThe only care required is to once in a while clean the solar panel to get rid of dust, bird droppings, tree leaves and any other residues which have accumulated. For cleaning the solar panel use a mild detergent and rinse the unit thoroughly with clean water. During winter season, make sure to remove snow deposit as soon as it forms to allow optimal charging of the battery pack.Product Application.Street lighting and lane ways.Bike and Pathway Lighting.Park and Car park Lighting.Bus Shelters and remote transit areas.Pedestrian and rail crossings.Jetties, Pontoons and Docks.Boat Ramps.Security and Perimeter Lighting.Mine Sites / Industrial.Medium size Bill Board Lighting.Real estate bill board Lighting.Mobile Solar Lighting Towers.Hire, Events and Disaster Lighting.Public Toilets and Picnic Shelters.Out back’ farming and agriculture stations.Children’s Playgrounds


Industry:Renewable Energy
Delivery Time:7~30days
Type:Selling Offer

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