Led Network Lighting Controllers With Renewable Energy


General Product Information:

OVERVIEWOn top of the functionalities of LED-PD08-NLC, LED-PD08-NLC is designed to receive direct DC power from renewable energy power sources in addition to AC power from city power source. The innovative design will save 20% of renewable energy by eliminating conversions of DC-TO-AC and then AC-TO-DC when a building installs both renewable energy and LED lighting *ON APPLICATIONSAn EIC LED lighting system consists of EIC LED lighting controllers and EIC LED fixtures which is the most economic and efficient lighting conservation solution for commercial buildings. The PD08-NLC-DDC lighting controller is an advanced network/renewable energy input version of PD08 series. It is the best candidate for lighting control projects where the wireless control is not appropriate and there is a renewable energy equipment system installed on the same site.FONDAMENTAL FEATURESoLighting Control utilizing Existing In-Wall Power Cables and Wall SwitchesoIndustrial Grade Switching Power Supply Sharing for LED Light FixturesoDirect DC Power for LED Light FixturesoDimmingoSmart AC MeteringoSmart DC MeteringoRS485 Communication ModuleoSelf-TestingSWITCH CONTROL FEATURESoGroup Lighting ControlsoDimming ControlsoNight-Light ControloCentral Control with Night-LightoDual Emergency Power Circuit Control AUTOMATIC CONTROL FEATURESoBlackout Emergency Lighting ControloPIR Lighting ControloPIR Over Nigh-Light ControlNETWORKING FEATURESNetworking features require a gateway and a web based lighting management system to monitor and control one or more LED controllers.oRS485-TCP/IP-WIFI GatewayoWeb View Lighting Management SystemNETWORK CONTROL FEATURESoIndividual LED Light Channel ControlsoIndividual LED Controller ControlsoNetwork Scenario Controls (Multi-Channel, Multi-Controller)oDimming ControloAll OFF with Night-Light oALL ONoALL ON Retaining Last StatusoStatus FeedbackoInstant and Historical AC Electric Data ManagementoGraphic Presentation for AC Electric DataoInstant and Historical DC Electric Data ManagementoGraphic Presentation for DC Electric Data


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