Provide Convenient Solar Power System

General Product Information:

1. The maximum charging power of this system is 15W, and maximum discharging power is 24W (the maximum output current of the USB is 500mA). Please check carefully before using the load. The battery in the system is 7AH, and when it is fully charged, it can make the 84W load work for one hour. And allocated solar panel is 12W. And it can generate the power of 48WH, so it can make the 3W LED work for 16 hours and charge the mobile for 8 hours.( the above parameters are just theoretical condition. it changes according to the geographical, using condition and using time, etc)2. If the battery voltage is higher than 10.5V, the load indicator will be on. Then insert the LED lamp into the socket of the DC output on the machine. And insert the mobile into the USB connecting port.3. This machine has anti-discharging function (prevent battery from discharging to solar panel), so please make sure the solar panel is always connected with the machine to assure the battery can get more power. If you use the battery for long, it would cause the battery to low voltage condition (load indicator off, no load output. The voltmeter * this happens, please use the solar panel to charge the battery for 10 continuous hours and restart the machine to recover the power supply.


Industry:Abrasive Industry
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